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USALI 11th Edition Theory & Hospitality Benchmarking Series

Time limit: 180 days
36 credits

$850 Enroll

Full program description

The first course, HFTP USALI-11th Theory Certificate, contains 4 modules. Each module is structured so that you begin by reviewing the concept, then you follow along with an example of how the concept is applied.

  • Module 1 covers the Summary Operating Statement and the Operating Departments
  • Module 2 explores the details of the Undistributed Departments
  • Module 3 details the schedules for the Non-Operating Income and Expenses, the Allocated Departments, and the concept of Gross versus Net Revenue Reporting
  • Module 4 illustrates Ratios and Metrics used in the lodging industry. From Rooms metrics to financial ratios, you will have the tools to better manage your operation

After completing the first course, the Benchmarking course takes you  one step closer to the forefront of your hotel's revenue-and profit-strategy plan by adding benchmarking in your tool chest. Each module in this course is organized to explain the concepts and provide practical application to incorporate them into your daily, weekly, or monthly analysis. This course has an extra special feature. HotStats, a well-known hospitality data provider, is collaborating with HFTP and Ascend to add some real-world examples of applications. Using fictional hotels, actual data and reporting examples will be incorporated to allow you to put this knowledge into use within your organization right away!

  • Module 1 characterizes the basics of operational benchmarking and the use of key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Module 2 illustrates the use of KPIs and indexing in effective benchmarking
  • Module 3 assess how benchmarking can provide insight into your hotel's performance
  • Module 4 assembles effective competitive sets that will allow for effective analysis of both internal and external competitors