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USALI 11th Practice Course

Time limit: 90 days
36 credits

Full course description

This HFTP USALI-11th Practice Certificate mirrors the organization of the HFTP USALI-11th Theory Certificate. The 4 modules in this course takes your knowledge and apply that to a set of figures and facts for you to analysis the situation, extract the important nuggets, to aid in solving problems and setting goals and strategies to move your property forward.

  • Module 1 explores horizontal and vertical analyses for the the Summary Operating Statement and the Operating Departments
  • Module 2 details the analyses for the Undistributed Departments
  • Module 3 presents computations for the Non-Operating Income and Expenses, the Allocated Departments, and case studies for Gross versus Net Revenue Reporting
  • Module 4 offers Ratios and Metrics assessments to equip you with statistics for various departments to ensure a strong and profitable operation